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10 Creative Small Bathroom Tiles Design Ideas to Maximize Space

Designing a small bathroom can often feel like a daunting challenge, but creating a stylish and functional space that feels spacious and inviting is possible with the right approach. One of the most effective ways to enhance the look and maximize the utility of a compact bathroom is through thoughtful tile selection. Read on as we explore ten creative small bathroom tiles design ideas that add visual interest and cleverly optimize the space. Whether you’re looking to introduce bold patterns, sleek finishes, or innovative layouts, these small bathroom tiles design concepts will inspire your next renovation project.

Steve Daria and Joleigh, renowned real estate investors, have successfully transformed numerous small bathrooms through strategic tile designs. They emphasize the importance of selecting tiles that elevate the aesthetic appeal and enhance the functional layout of the space. Their expertise blending bold patterns with sleek finishes has inspired many homeowners to make the most of their compact bathrooms.

1. Opt for Light Colors

Choosing light colors for your small bathroom tiles design can make the space look larger and more open. 

Why Light Colors Work

Light colors create an illusion of space, making your bathroom look larger than it is. 

They reflect more light, making the room feel airy and open.

Tips for Using Light Colors

  • Choose white, beige, or pastel shades for your tile design.
  • Incorporate glossy finishes to enhance light reflection.
  • Use light-colored grout to create a seamless look.
small bathroom tiles design

2. Go for Large Tiles

Opting for large tiles can optimize a small bathroom’s sense of spaciousness.

Benefits of Large Tiles

Large tiles lessen the number of grout lines, creating a more continuous and expansive look. 

This can make your small bathroom appear bigger and less cluttered.

Tips for Using Large Tiles

  • Select tiles that are at least 12×24 inches.
  • Lay tiles in a diagonal pattern to create visual interest and elongate the room.
  • Use rectified tiles to minimize grout lines.

3. Vertical Stripes

Employing vertical stripes for your small bathroom tiles design can give the impression of elevated ceilings, enhancing the room’s height.

How Vertical Stripes Work

Vertical stripes draw the eye upward, giving the illusion of height.

This can make your small bathroom feel taller and more spacious.

Tips for Using Vertical Stripes

  • Use vertically striped tiles on one or more walls.
  • Combine different shades of the same color for a subtle effect.
  • Match the stripes with the fixtures to create a cohesive look.

4. Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles can add intricate patterns and visual interest to your small bathroom, making it feel stylish and unique.

Why Choose Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles add texture and visual appeal to your bathroom.

They can be used as a focal point or accent in specific areas, such as the shower niche or backsplash.

Tips for Using Mosaic Tiles

  • Select mosaics with small patterns to keep the design cohesive.
  • Use mosaic tiles sparingly to avoid overwhelming the Space.
  • Incorporate glass or metallic mosaics to add a touch of luxury.

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5. Use Reflective Materials

Incorporating reflective surfaces like glossy tiles or mirrors can amplify light and give your small bathroom a brighter, more spacious feel.

Benefits of Reflective Materials

Reflective materials like glass or metallic tiles can enhance the light in your bathroom, making it appear larger and brighter.

Tips for Using Reflective Materials

  • Use mirrored tiles for a modern and chic look.
  • Incorporate metallic accents in the design of the tiles.
  • Combine reflective tiles with light colors for maximum impact.

6. Create a Feature Wall

A feature wall can be a stunning focal point in your small bathroom, adding depth and character to the space.

How a Feature Wall Works

A feature wall can draw attention to a specific area, creating a focal point distracting from the bathroom’s small size.

Tips for Creating a Feature Wall

  • Choose bold or patterned tiles for the feature wall.
  • Place the feature wall behind the vanity or bathtub for maximum effect.
  • Balance the feature wall with neutral tiles on the other walls.

7. Use Subway Tiles

Subway tiles offer a classic, versatile look that makes your small bathroom feel stylish and more spacious.

Why Subway Tiles are Effective

Subway tiles are a classic choice to make a small bathroom look timeless and elegant.

Their rectangular shape can elongate the space, mainly when laid in a horizontal pattern.

Tips for Using Subway Tiles

  • Opt for white or light-colored subway tiles.
  • Lay the tiles in a brick pattern for a traditional look.
  • Use contrasting grout to highlight the tiles and add depth.

8. Incorporate Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns bring a contemporary and vibrant flair to your compact bathroom, introducing visual intrigue and providing a touch of orderliness.

small bathroom tiles designs

How Geometric Patterns Help

Geometric patterns can add a modern look to your bathroom while creating an illusion of space.

They can be used in various ways to enhance the overall design.

Tips for Using Geometric Patterns

  • Select tiles with geometric shapes like hexagons or diamonds.
  • Use patterns in specific areas like the floor or a backsplash.
  • Combine geometric patterns with plain tiles to balance the design.

9. Go for a Monochromatic Scheme

Implementing a monochromatic color palette can establish a unified and peaceful ambiance in your compact bathroom, elevating both spaciousness and tranquility.

Benefits of a Monochromatic Scheme

A monochromatic color scheme can create a symmetric and harmonious look, making your small bathroom appear more spacious and unified.

Tips for Using a Monochromatic Scheme

  • Choose a single color and use different shades and textures.
  • Incorporate various finishes like matte, glossy, and satin.
  • Use accessories in the same color palette to complete the look.

10. Add Accents with Bold Colors

Incorporating bold colors as accents can energize your small bathroom and create a focal point, giving the space a vibrant and lively feel.

How Bold Colors Work

Using bold colors as accents can add personality and vibrancy to your bathroom without overwhelming the space.

They can be used significantly to highlight specific areas.

Tips for Using Bold Colors

  • Choose bold tiles for the backsplash or shower niche.
  • Combine bold accents with neutral tiles to keep the design balanced.
  • Use bold colors in small doses to have a striking effect.

FAQs about Small Bathroom Tiles Design

Get answers to the most commonly asked questions about small bathroom tiles design to maximize your space effectively and stylishly.

Are subway tiles a good choice for small bathrooms?

Yes, subway tiles are an excellent choice for small bathrooms. 

Their rectangular shape can elongate the space, and their classic design adds a timeless appeal. 

Can I use bold colors in a small bathroom?

You can use bold colors in a small bathroom, but using them as accents rather than the primary color is best. 

This can add personality and vibrancy without overwhelming the Space.

How do I choose the color palette for my small bathroom tiles design?

Incorporating bold colors in a small bathroom can infuse personality and visual interest into the Space. 

However, it is advisable to strategically use them as accents rather than dominating the color scheme. 

By incorporating bold hues sparingly through accessories, artwork, or a feature wall, you can add pops of color that enliven the room without overwhelming its limited dimensions.


Designing a small bathroom doesn’t have to be a daunting task. These tile design ideas allow you to maximize your space while adding style and personality. Whether you opt for light colors, large tiles, or reflective materials, each choice can create a more open and inviting environment. 

Feel free to experiment with mosaic tiles, geometric patterns, or bold accents to add unique touches to your space. These creative small bathroom tiles design ideas make even the smallest bathroom feel spacious, stylish, and comfortable.

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